My name is Adriano Patruno, I am a Graphic Designer, Multi-Media Producer, and an Artist. I began my studies for the arts in Arizona, where I obtained an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design. From there, I continued my love of art by pursuing a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Utah. Additionally, I have continued my education for the last ten years in the Barcelona, Spain by taking art classes and graphic design courses.

I am passionate, very spontaneous, extremely curious, educated, self-taught, and I possess a habit of learning new things. I love to read, therefore I read anything that I get on my hands, books, comics, or blogs. I enjoy going to the museums on the weekends and sketching street life (Urban Sketcher), which helps me slow down and to absorb the beauty of an urban life. As any Spaniard, I appreciate a good football (soccer) game on TV as well as playing it with family and friends.
As a designer, I have a well-defined style for my graphics. Mainly due to my education in Fine Arts. I love to treat my graphics with the same method or tools as a piece of artwork. I explore for more painterly aesthetics, this way a product will look more man-made and less machine made.
I am a texture lover and love photography as well. As I walk the streets of Barcelona, I like to collect any interesting surface or texture that I find, which I like to use on my designs to obtain an uncommon character. I always look for interesting projects where I can be challenged, and I love to have fun while creating designs.

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